Scrub of the Guild

To commemorate the second year of Random Guild being up, I think we should have a poll for Scrub of the Guild. Qualifications for nomination: 1) Past Member 2)Notable story when in the guild 3)Kicked, banned, or quit for a stupid reason (ex. Quitting because Doc didn't welcome a person to the guild).


My nominees:

Name - Notable Story
1) Arich - Gigs' doing a kick spike count, Doc kicking him, and then Doc blaming the whole thing on Doc Hollidae.

2) Jeff - Quit the guild after Doc told him to go fuck himself.

3) Kala Shines - Too many to tell. 10g special, conspiring against Goob, drunken rage at Arcane.

4) RJ - Asking the guild if it's bad if his tongue went numb after eating out his girlfriend.

By DocHollidae

my vote goes to the kid that accused arcane of having the crazy nervous tick. or miss 10g special.

By the intolerant

1. Firefly - extinguish 1 condition for 15 nrg and skeet stole his gw account.

2. Courtney - a certain person made her cry and probably commit suicide.

10g special all the way

By Sam